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Based in Pickering, Ryedale, North Yorkshire, I offer a variety of focused, enjoyable and adaptable therapies and SEN tutoring for all ages. The therapies and approaches that I use address the root causes of issues by using accessible movements and activities to stimulate the neural pathways in the brain… all without medication.  
I am a SEN tutor and tutor students from 5 - 18 dependant upon needs. 
I also offer family support, educational consultancy and training for Tourette Syndrome. 
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Interactive Metronome & IM Home 

H.A.N.D.L.E® Therapy 

Tourette syndrome
Tourette Syndrome 
Helping You Deal With Tourette Syndrome 
Consultancy and Training re Tourette Syndrome  

Areas and Issues Covered 

Children and Teenagers 

Learning challenges or concerns 
Attention and Concentration 
Sensory Processing 
Reflex Integration 
Social interaction 
Conditions such as Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, OCD 
Family support and therapy for Tourette Syndrome 
SEN Tutor 5 - 18 years 


Stress and Anxiety 
Brain fog 
Balance and Co-ordination 
Sensory processing 
Attention and Concentration 
Working Memory 
Processing Speed 
Adult ADHD, OCD, Dyslexia etc 
Improved timing for sports and recreation including Golf 
Impact of ageing 
Self-organisational issues 
Driving: reaction time and co-ordination 
Don’t wait for an issue or age to get in your way. 
Our brains are amazing. Science has proven the brain is capable of change and improvement at ANY AGE with the right kind of stimulation! This is called Neuroplasticity. 
Using varied and adaptable movements with directed focus, stimulates Neuroplasticity. When this happens, many people find their lives improve, regaining the quality they seek for themselves or their loved ones. 
What are you struggling with? 
Want to get back on track? 
Do you need help? 


In 2006, I contracted and survived Meningitis. I could not read and remember the last sentence I read! I could not cope with people talking, the TV on or background music. Two things at once seemed to “Blow my mind”! My balance was atrocious; I could not walk with one foot directly in front of the other or walk upstairs without a banister rail. I suffered dizziness a lot. In 2012 I tried the IM. I soon began to notice that my balance improved and I could walk upstairs without a handrail! I can now cope with lots of things going on around me, I can read, watch TV and have the kids playing, or music in the background! All in all I would say that the IM has helped me enormously. Some things cannot be mended, but I now believe that we can train our brains. 
Mum of daughter with Tourette Syndrome 
Morning Kim, just wanted to tell you that N alternated between doing Hug n Tug and 1-2-1 hand exercises last night till she fell asleep and it worked! Instead of an hour of tic noises! 
Parent Testimonial 
The IM program played a big part in improving my daughter’s balance and co-ordination. Before the sessions she could not ride a bike despite many attempts over several years. After the IM sessions she got on her bike and was able to ride it within minutes. We feel the IM was the missing piece of the jigsaw for our daughter. 
Family of 9yr old girl 
D has gone from sitting and looking out of the window in class to putting her hand up, answering questions, doing her work and her latest school report is the best so far. As her concentration has grown so has her confidence. She isn’t reading for pleasure just yet but she isn’t far off. 
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