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H.A.N.D.L.E ® Holistic Approach to Neuro Development and Learning Efficiency 

HANDLE is the award winning therapy approach devised by Judith Bluestone.  WATCH THE VIDEO 

H.A.N.D.L.E ® 
Listens and observes 
Is Non-Judgemental 
Believes "Nothing Stands Alone" 
Looks for the root causes of behaviour issues, conditions and learning blocks 
Uses “Gentle Enhancement” to make changes without force 
Believes in "Slower is Faster" 
HANDLE uses the interplay amongst the mind, body and environment to help the brain gently change itself. By enhancing the neurological systems causing life or learning difficulties HANDLE gently make the changes needed to help an individual’s life go better and easier. 
HANDLE is a fun, caring, and versatile medication free approach for all ages. HANDLE puts the individual at the heart of its focus. It works at your pace, adapting to your needs – both the individual and their family. 
What Happens? 
First a HANDLE Screening, taking 45-60 minutes. During it I gather observations to build a personal profile of any sensori-motor areas that may benefit from support and development. A personalised, fun therapy program of Activities is then devised and taught. 
Activities vary and may involve particular massages, movement sequences or games. These take just 15-20 minutes daily and can be spread across the day or completed one after the other. Some activities need simple, inexpensive equipment. Most activities can be done anywhere. 
Reviews then update the program every 4 weeks. 
Most programs involve a minimum 6-month commitment as HANDLE focuses upon not stressing already stressed systems. We have chance to build up a positive relationship ensuring that you, or your child, are an individual and that your needs are always at the centre of everything we do. 
Key Features of HANDLE 
HANDLE respects the individual. By using Gentle Enhancement activities are stopped immediately in response to any subtle signs of stress. You will be taught how to recognise these Changes in State and how to respond appropriately and with care. 
HANDLE requires commitment to ensure its gentle approach results in achieving and sustaining the desired benefits. It has life changing potential. 
You are not a ‘label’ with HANDLE 
If you sense something isn’t right with yourself or a loved one, don’t hesitate to book a free chat to find out if HANDLE is the help you are looking for. 


Family of 9 yr old girl 
D has gone from sitting and looking out of the window in class to putting her hand up, answering questions, doing her work and her latest school report is the best so far. As her concentration has grown so has her confidence. She isn’t reading for pleasure just yet but she isn’t far off. 
Get In Touch 
Please use the contact enquiry form and I will respond a.s.a.p. 
Alternative contact options 
Call me: Kim Storey, on 07817 054596 
You can also visit me at: Pickering, North Yorkshire (Address upon contact) 
1- 1 or small group tuition 
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