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Interactive Metronome And IM Home 

The Interactive Metronome (IM) is a unique training program that mixes adaptable movement and cognitive tasks to improve timing in the brain – neurotiming. 
Using a laptop, triggers and games style interface, the possibilities are truly limitless; any age group and skill level can achieve improvement. Adults and children alike enjoy this proactive and engaging program. 
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Better neurotiming 
= Better ability to 
Process information 
Make quicker decisions 
Leading to improvements in 
Working Memory 
Processing speed 
Attention and Concentration 
Balance and Coordination 
Motor Planning and Sequencing 
Sensory Processing 
Reducing impulsivity 
Reducing anxiety 
Reducing ‘brain fog’ 

These are needed for... 

Processing Speed 



Bike Riding 




How does the IM work? 
IM challenges your brain to keep to the metronome beat with millisecond accuracy whilst using a physical movement with a trigger e.g. clapping. This uses both sides of the brain in a co-ordinated manner. Instant feedback of sound and visual cues help you focus with increasing accuracy. This helps your brain’s ability to focus and co-ordinate, improving neuro timing. 
How long are IM sessions? 
Sessions can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes. They are personally adapted to fit your needs and abilities. Faster gains are made with sessions 2-3 times a week. Gains can be made with a weekly session but take longer to notice at the outset. 
How many sessions are needed? 
12 x 1 hour sessions are the minimum. I recommend 18 x 1 hour session for better results and sustained gains. Many clients opt to return every 2-3 months for a ‘top up’ session. ‘Top ups’ sessions have special, reduced fees. 
For more complex needs and some children, more sessions may be required. This is discussed before starting and reviewed regularly to help you get the best possible support and outcomes. 
How do I know I am making gains? 
Each task instantly displays and records your results. Over sessions you can compare your data to clearly see the progress you have gained. Children love this. I encourage parents to link results with a reward system for extra motivation 
It is only a matter of time before you, or others around you, begin to see improvements the IM can bring. 
Do I have to travel to you? 
Most clients chose to work at my Pickering office. I may travel to some clients who find getting to Pickering a problem. 
IM Home 
I am a certified IMHome provider. For long term needs or long-distance clients, the IMHome can be arranged. This requires you to purchase an IM Home kit and to have a reliable Internet connection. I then personally plan, input and monitor your training program using the Internet. Skype and IM Home messaging to ensure you receive direct communication and support despite the distance. 


Working with Kim, the IM enabled me to come off sleeping tablets and restore my natural sleep pattern. My reaction speed and concentration also improved and I was able to regain my confidence in driving. 
The IM program played a big part in improving my daughter’s balance and co-ordination. Before the sessions she could not ride a bike despite many attempts over several years. After the IM sessions she got on her bike and was able to ride it within minutes. We feel the IM was the missing piece of the jigsaw for our daughter. 
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Call me: Kim Storey, on 07817 054596 
You can also visit me at: Pickering, North Yorkshire (Address upon contact) 
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