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Tourette Syndrome 

The D’s of Dealing with Tourette Syndrome 
The D’s of Dealing with Tourette Syndrome is a personalised program giving non-judgemental support and proactive approaches to individuals and their families. After delivering workshops across the country sharing my first hand knowledge, understanding and approaches, I created this practical and realistically accessible support package. 

The D’s of Dealing with   Tourette Syndrome  

Through The D’s of Dealing with Tourette's, I take you through a series of steps to help: 
explain the condition, expanding your awareness and understanding 
make positive adjustments to your wider life 
adjust your diet and lifestyle 
relate with relatives and friends 
proactively interact with schools and workplaces 
support education and workplaces in how to understand, accommodate and reduce tics. 
how to identify triggers 
help interpret the needs of tics 
devise a personalised therapy program of brain-body balancing activities to ease or eliminate tics 
devise strategies to manage tics in different situations 
plan and deal with negative responses 
I can help you to build up your knowledge, skills and resilience to make the adjustments and improvements needed. I aim to support, not smother, to create independence not dependence. My focus is to enable you to move your life forwards. 
I have Tourettes, Tourette's doesn’t have me. 

Bespoke Consultancy and Training 

Tics, Tourette's and Teachers 
I provide bespoke Tourette Syndrome consultancy and training to schools, colleges and universities. First hand experience of dealing with TS as both a SEN teacher and parent has enabled me to have a valuable insight into the condition from ‘both sides.’ I can offer a unique perspective and opportunity to shed light upon this often, perplexing and misunderstood neurological condition. 
My aim is to 
Build up a basic understanding of TS amongst all staff 
Build understanding of how TS can impact upon a student’s ability to access and make educational progress 
Advise how to reduce this impact through whole school and classroom strategies and intervention. 
Social, emotional and mental health impact of TS on the student. 
Support and suggestions for developing whole school awareness 
Support key staff in developing a broader and detailed understanding and intervention for a student with TS. 
Tourette Syndrome Documentaries 
My family has worked with the BBC since 2002. My son is Greg.  
For a short, excellent introduction to Tourettes Syndrome 


Mum of daughter with Tourette Syndrome 
Morning Kim, just wanted to tell you that N alternated between doing Hug n Tug and 1-2-1 hand exercises last night till she fell asleep and it worked! Instead of an hour of tic noises! 
R, 13 yrs with Tourette Syndrome 
Thank you Kim for your triggers workshop in Gala that allowed me to understand my triggers it helped a lot! I’m a lot happier now because I didn’t understand why my tics were so severe but now I can manage them in better ways- and it’s great for my school too, I can actually go to most of my lessons now and can hopefully stop the process of moving to the part time special school! It’s definitely a big difference, my coprolalia and yelling is pretty much nonexistent and my motor tics have calmed a lot too! Xx 
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You can also visit me at: Pickering, North Yorkshire (Address upon contact) 
1- 1 or small group tuition 
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